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Saturday, June 16, 2018
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Avondale Art Fair 
& Ginger Fest
2017 Food & Drink at the Art Fair & Ginger Fest - 2018 pending

Smokenstein Food Truck will serve their tasty pulled pork, fries, poutine, etc.

Asado Wood Fired Grill will serve an assortment of grilled entrees

The Rustic Crust will serve their famous Wood Fired Pizza

The Flying Apron will serve a sampling of their specialities

Shivani Dhamija will serve their ethnic cuisine

Stone Poste Cidery will serve tastings of their Gravenstein and Rhubarb hard cider

Propeller Ginger Beer will be served in the D'vine Morsels Restaurant 

​Meander River Brewery will serve tastings of their latest brew and selling their brew products

​Avondale Sky Winery will serve tastings of their fine wines and selling their wine products

Barrelling Tide Distillery will serve their spirits

Still Fired Distilleries will serve their spirits

Binky's Donuts will be serving their unique flavored donuts

Kernel Sanford the Popcorn Man will be serving popcorn

Food Vendors wishing to participate in 2018 art fair should use 
Contact Us form to request consideration.